Aspiring To Be!

I want to be like Yan Pascal Tortelier! Who? Yan was the guest conductor at the San Francisco Symphony a few weeks ago. My husband, Ted and I had seats upfront so I could see his every move. The man was brilliant. He became the music. At the same time he connected with the musicians. He smiled. He winked. He jumped. He moved to the music.  I was totally pulled into what was going on and think that if someone had handed me an instrument I could have played it based on his lead. Ted finally told me to stop moving around so much because I was jiggling the seats in our row! This man led with passion and owned the moment. He pulled the symphony together and the audience came right along.

At this crossroads we each need to lead with this kind of passion and enthusiasm. We all lead something.  Do what you are doing with passion and a sense of mission. Go at it like it means everything. The preparation, the content, the enthusiasm pulls in others. Acknowledge the good work people are doing around you. Help others find their way. Consider how to create value even if it is without reward. As we each move through difficult times we need to keep encouraging one another and passionately pursuing the best. As others observe us I want them to be drawn right into what we are doing because we are brilliant.

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means.
Henry Hazlitt
American Philosopher

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