Examples of Previous Work Experiences

We are seasoned executives with line management experience. The work that we do does not stem from theoretical alone. We have lived through real world experiences to bring you practical advice and guidance.

Case #1: Robotics Company Operations Transformation

Hired to re-engineer the supply chain and prepare for growth and did so in a two year period.
  • Implemented ERP system – Baan
  • Evaluated current contract manufacturer and moved most of PCBA assembly and test to another CM with 10 – 20% lower costs resulting
  • Renegotiated OEM contracts with two major Japanese partners achieving a better yen/$ exchange rate sharing
  • Negotiated shorter lead times and smaller order quantities from all major suppliers moving our process to demand pull/lean manufacturing
  • Reduced inventory by 20%
  • Moved internal manufacturing to lower cost site and laid out factory floor using lean concepts including signage, Kanban positions and visual quality postings
  • Drove use of quality circles within organization with focus on production, procurement, planning
  • Achieved ISO 9002 certification in under a year start to finish
  • Assessed the supply chain and manufacturing processes of target acquisition; assimilated them into processes to achieve synergies and scale.


Case #2: Storage Company Cost Reduction & Acquisition

Turned around this storage business to be more competitive. In addition, completed due diligence for an acquisition and then integrated the two teams and processes focusing on promotion of best practices across combined organization.
  • Achieved a 15% cost reduction in COGS
  • Reduced inventory by almost 40%
  • Consolidated contract manufacturing suppliers from 3 to 1 to achieve savings both of purchased parts and of internal OH
  • Part of due diligence team for acquisition. Assessed the supply chain and manufacturing team in this target company. My report was used by the board of directors to help assess the value of the acquisition and to calculate risks for valuation purposed.


Case #3: Printer Business Continuity & Predictability

The problems included quality and predictability at the contract manufacturer, long lead time from the major partner, cost of transportation and organizational structure. In addition the supply chain was not designed to withstand continuity disruptions.
  • Changed over planning system to latest APO module from SAP for more parallel, real time planning capability
  • Established hands on training cycle for planning and procurement process changes
  • Added resiliency to the supply chain by 2nd sourcing, changing or adding locations or by holding key lower level material
  • Created a Business Continuity Plan for fast response in case of crisis
  • Negotiated transportation costs with key partner to achieve best in class; benchmarked to ensure
  • Quoted at several contract manufacturers to ensure best costs for transformation, logistics, OH
  • Reduced lead time by 20% thus reducing inventory
  • Structured operations for tax advantage in Brazil and Netherlands
  • Restructured for additional engineering, planning, procurement resources in low cost locations and closer to manufacturing