Cost Reduction


We can help you reduce costs. Let us come in for an assessment. We will review the following categories and will give you a template for further action based on opportunities versus best in class costs. Negotiating with your suppliers when armed with knowledge puts you in a position of strength. We will pass on our experience with suppliers and contract manufacturers to give you the negotiating skill set and the knowledge you need to reduce costs.



   Cost Categories and Improvement Opportunities 


  • Electrical Components                             Best in Class Compares
  • Fabricated Parts                                        Labor Rates, DFM
  • Packaging                                                  Latest Materials and Pack Techniques
  • Contract Manufacturing                            Uplifts, Transparent Cost Models
  • Facilities                                                     Layout, Utilization
  • Headcount Assessment                           Org Structure, Ratios
  • Other OH allocations                                Horizontal Org Sizing vs Service
  • Warehousing                                             Square Footage and Services
  • Transportation                                          Air, Ocean, Land Rates
  • Duty                                                            Import and Export Costs
  • Tooling                                                       ICT, Test Equipment, Plastic/Metal
  • Warranty                                                    Percent COGs


Quality Improvement

Time To Market