Examples of Consulting Work

Cost Analysis, benchmarking, and contract review

  • Cost targeting and cost reduction strategies
  • OEM supply chain benchmarketing
  • Contract reviews and recommendations

Product Portfolio Review and Simplification

  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Post-mortems for executive feedback and process improvement
  • Problem framing and attack plan with metrics and meeting cadence
  • Executive coaching to impact speed and effectiveness

Start-up Company Advisement

  • Supply chain design for start-up companies
  • Contract Manufacturing introduction
  • RFQ review and improvement suggestions
  • Metrics Design
  • Assistance in executive and investor presentations

Supply Chain Improvement

  • New product introductions:
    • Concurrent supply chain development and review
    • NPI process review and improvement recommendations
  • Quality:
    • Metrics dashboard
    • Six Sigma approach
  • Inventory analysis and reduction plannng

Leadership Coaching

  • SVP/VP/Director level:
    • Leadership coaching
    • Mentoring
  • Team offsite design and facilitation
  • Skills training


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